Becoming a New Patient

Dental Chair


What To Expect
When you arrive, you will be greeted by Kelly first at the front office.  Kelly will review the forms you have completed online and attain a few more signatures.  Then, she will notify the team that you are ready for your appointment! We start by reviewing your medical history, taking your vitals including blood pressure, and some simple photography.  After that we acquire any necessary x-rays, get to know you a little more, assess your oral health starting with the health of your gum tissue and then clean your teeth if indicated.  At the end you will meet Dr Dad (Nelson) or Dr Ross to determine what treatment will be needed after your first visit.  Before leaving you will meet with Sue who will discuss scheduling and any financial arrangments that will be needed.  We want you to have a clear idea of the cost of your care; we don't like surprises any more than you do!  We look forward to your visit and making you a part of our dental "family." 


Finding us - its easy!

Local Landmarks
Directly across the street from Cronk's Oakridge Restaurant.

Building Information
Large Log Cabin style building, with a private parking lot at the rear of the building. 


Contact: 231-652-2900